Some beliefs (as of 2023-11-24)

This page is a non-exhaustive, not necessarily up-to-date account of my positions on some important issues where I think my views are both 1) somewhat informed and 2) somewhat uncommon [among people in Western society]. I try to briefly justify these views, but ultimate this page is intended to be short statements of what my views are rather than thorough accounts of why I have these views.

Climate change

Like many people I am anti-climate change (by which I mean we should try to avoid changing the climate). The book Sustainable Energy – without the hot air greatly influenced my thinking on this. Relative to most people though, I think:


I do not abstain from animal products but generally support consuming fewer animal products. This is mainly for environmental impacts (meat and cheese produce a lot of greenhouse gases) but also for ethical reasons (most meat in supermarkets is produced in factory farms which engage in many acts of animal cruelty).

Ethical obligations of scientists

I think that everybody who calls themselves a scientist should have a strong ethical obligation to produce and disseminate truth as much as possible. This means: