More Information about Anki

Anki is an extremely useful piece of software for learning new things. This page:

  1. links to some resources that have helped me use Anki better
  2. lists some of my own tips

Note: this page is meant to be a reflection of my current views on Anki, and therefore may change without notice. It is meant to be updated on an ongoing basis.

Anki explained

If you do know what Anki is you should skip this section.

If you don’t know what Anki is, I will refer you to some external websites since I have no intention of writing my own intro when there are plenty of good ones already out there.

My General Anki Tips

These are my personal tips for using Anki. They are the result of me using Anki since 2014 and doing some non-rigorous experiments with myself, not from scientific studies.

What I use Anki for (with more detailed tips)

I’ve tried using Anki to memorize a variety of things, but mostly for languages. I have used it a bit for academic study but generally not as much. Here are some things I’ve used it for and some advice I have for specific learning tasks.

Further Resources on Anki

These are some websites I’ve found useful, or think have a lot of interesting content about Anki.

  1. This guy’s work is really good in general. Wrote a very useful guide to neural networks, and one of the main textbooks on quantum computing