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My name is Austin and I am a new PhD student at Cambridge studying machine learning. I am very interested in applied math: right now I am most excited at prospect of custom AI systems that could help increase the rate of scientific research. This will be the focus of my PhD studies. *Insert detailed description of my future thesis here.*

Brief bio

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I have had a varied and interesting university career. At first I thought I wanted to be a chemical engineer… and then I realized that chemical engineers just move fluids through pipes and occasionally heat the pipes (sorry chemical engineers). Then I transferred into a program called nanotechnology engineering, which I found very interesting. This program taught me that:

  1. Chemistry, and nanochemistry in particular, is extremely challenging, and still not well understood from a theoretical perspective, owing largely to the difficulty of modeling these systems.
  2. Experimental work is not for me (I am too clumsy and don’t like tinkering with my hands).

Motivated by this, I transitioned into doing more programming. After getting some experience in the software industry (to learn best practices for coding and development), I will be returning to academia to do my PhD. I’ve chosen a group that specializes in Bayesian machine learning, since I think that will give me the mathematical, statistical, and computational expertise necessary to solve difficult problems. Hopefully my vague plan succeeds in some way…

In my spare time, I like learning new, interesting things. Lately this has consisted mostly of math and programming, but I am also super into language learning, mostly because I like thinking about different ways ideas can be structured. I am also quite obsessed with optimizing my life. I probably think way too much about efficiency.

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